I joined a charity founded by Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. The goal is to help young women that have been victims of physical and verbal trauma. The majority of the money will go to Youth Villages. It’s loosely based on the song Janie’s Got A Gun. He changed it to Janie’s Got A Fund. I was one of the first people to donate so they consider me a “founding member”. They asked if I would like to do some fundraising by setting up a¬†Fundraiser Page with Crowdrise.com. It is a reputable company and I believe in the cause having been through similar situations when I was younger myself. I also wanted to add a mental health spin and addiction spin because neither is mentioned.

The problem is I don’t know as much about computers as I thought I did. Supposedly I’m able to put it on here. I’ve spent 3 hours trying and talked to tech support for both companies. I’m unable to get it on other Social Media sites also. I am so disappointed in myself. This is something I believe in for once. I could actually make a difference.

So if anyone would like to try to find it you could go on http://www.crowdrise.com/the-bipolar-rambler-for-janies-fund. Or The Bipolar Rambler For #JaniesGotAFund. Who knows? I tried. It’s now been a total of 6 hours. I need a break!