Rhode Island

Bio: I'm a daughter, a sister, and an Aunt. I've worked in the Hair Industry, Jewelry Manufacturing, and Retail Management. I'm also an Alcoholic, diagnosed Bipolar, Conversion Disorder, Anxiety, Celiac Disease, and other health issues. I talk about all of these things as honestly as I can. The stigma, medications, doctors, family problems, support or lack of support. I advocate for people like me, animals, and anyone else who feels like they don't have a voice. These are my opinions, I just ask that readers be respectful. Haven't we all been kicked enough when we are down? It's time to change that.

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    • Thank you. You’re in the minority. lol Every time someone likes my About I get a message saying “This is an example of a BLANK” I can’t remember the rest even though I just read it. So I must be doing something wrong. Which means I’m doing something right. Just a little manic today. Have not been manic in about 6 months. Thanks.

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