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One Picture Can Speak a Thousand Words

The Iconophile did a beautiful piece today titled “The Shadow Puppet”. I love to take pictures. I never liked having pictures taken of me. Now I don’t mind as long as I can make my wrinkles look like dimples instead. Selfies are the topic of the moment. I’m not a fan of them myself. I know people who post a selfie at least 3 times a week. One woman had lost weight and was constantly posting selfies of herself with her ample bosom spilling out of every top she had on. I understand the new found excitement and freedom of weight loss. The need for validation. No one comments on any of the selfies I have posted. Instead they will ask family members if I’m sick or have an eating disorder. I’ve also received comments like “You must feel so much prettier now!” Ummm…..Ok. Does anyone have a filter anymore?


Pictures (New Jewelry & Dutch)



The photography isn’t my best but I was in the mood to do something and had limited resources. The jewelry is made with Swarovski Crystals and designed by me all of it is hand linked and looped. Which is harder than it looks. lol Dutch is my Puppy who is a huge pain but is at the age where he is ready to be neutered. I want a DNA test done on him because he is unlike any Chihuahua I’ve ever known! I wish there was a younger dog for him to play with. The senior dogs are annoyed by him and it isn’t fair to them that they have to live out their last years being tortured by him. But we are working on it. Keeping him more occupied with toys and exercise and away from them. I just have to breathe and try my best.

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