You would be 72 tomorrow depending on which document we went by. When you were here we celebrated your birthday for 3 days. You deserved it.

At one point you were a pregnant widow who held everything together for her child to be. You had plenty of practice after raising your brothers and sisters at a young age, sacrificing even a basic education. But you did it.

You had so much tragedy in your life. I’m sorry I never stopped to think about it while you were here.

You also had joy. You told me once that having children gave you joy and you wished you could’ve had more. You always had so much love to give.

You found your soulmate, who even now after nine years can’t believe you are gone. He will never love anyone else (those are his words).

And you did have 3 children. One of them still grieves for you daily. You were my Mom, my friend, the person I told my problems to. You listened. I don’t have that anymore. It’s lonely without you here.

The one thing I know for sure is that I was truly loved by you. I loved you more than anything. What I wouldn’t give for 10 more minutes to say the things I needed to say. I hope you know anyway.


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