MOONLIGHT~ Mahershala Ali (Juan), Alex Hibbert (Little), Ashton Sanders (Chiron), Trevante Rhodes (Black), Andre Holland (Kevin)

Moonlight blows you away in it’s simple but exquisite storytelling. It follows the three pivotal points in one boy’s life.

This film isn’t only about drug abuse, sexual orientation, confusion, neglect, poverty or bullying. The story is so much more than that. Mahershala Ali plays Juan, the neighborhood’s top drug dealer. You realize from the beginning he’s different by the way he treats the people around him, including those that work for him.

He notices a small boy who always seems to be alone or running from his everyday tormentors. When Juan finds him in an abandoned crack house hiding, he tries to get him to open up. He takes him to his house where he lives with his girlfriend for dinner. From here they develop a relationship that will forever influence the boy as he grows into a man.

There are many topics covered in this film but I think everyone will walk away with something different.

For me it was about deciding who you are, the people in your life that are there when you need them, forgiveness, and how life sometimes leads you to a place you think you are supposed to be.

The reality is you can choose your own path regardless of how you started. If you fail at least you’ll know that you tried. moonlight_movie_review-1600x1600


2 responses to “MOONLIGHT~BEST PICTURE NOMINEE (*May Contain Spoilers*)

    • Too bad so many people think Casey Affleck shouldn’t have won for Best Actor because of a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit that happened in 2010. I’ve read the Complaints filed by both women who worked on the film. There are no witnesses to the events. One of them had worked with him for 8 years previously with no problem. He’s acted in 39 movies and directed 4 without any other complaints or rumors. In my experience a person like the one these 2 women described would likely do these types of things often not once. People who sexually harass others use it as power and manipulation. It isn’t a behavior that you turn on and off. I can’t go on Twitter because I’ve gotten so angry at the remarks made by people who haven’t even taken time to learn the facts of the case. Sorry, I’m ranting!


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