I Once Was Lost

It’s been a long time since I’ve made jewelry. Because my kidneys were failing and I didn’t know it, my eyesight was blurry. I had to stop making jewelry because I kept hurting myself. lol

Now it’s a different problem named Dutch. He loves to play fetch. He will play for hours. If I refuse to play he will get the rubber bone on the top of his snout and flip it at my face! He’s a smart dog. Too smart. But I’ve managed to work around him.

Here are just a few samples of jewelry I’ve done in the last three days. As I’ve said before I only use Swarovski Crystals. Other materials are Sea Glass, Czech Crystal, Swarovski Pearls, Abalone Shell (hand made and polished), and the bubble piece at the bottom of the necklace has a tiny shell, starfish and sea glass inside. (I didn’t make that) Everything else is designed by me and hand looped and linked. I enjoy doing this. It takes me to different place where I don’t have to think or worry, a place my mom taught me about.


6 responses to “I Once Was Lost

  1. Ms Lady I hope you know how very very cool you are. Bc you should. Bc you ARE 😳. My eyes are awful too but looks to me your hands/heart/brains didn’t need em anyway. Those are stunning. Xoxo

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    • So happy to see you! You just made my morning. I’m not feeling so cool lately. From my sister threatening to have me committed (after wanting to start a jewelry business with me where I do all work) to some Man/child insulting me at the market (so strange who does stuff like that?) health issues, dog issues, you name it. But you’re some sunshine on my crappy days. lol

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    • Awwno that is not cool…but it’s not you it’s environmental so that means it will end. Eventually.
      I’m in a similar limbo honestly. The shit just keeps hitting that proverbial fan right?! It WILL end. This too shall pass, que sera sera…you know. Omg I’ve been randomly yelled at at the store many times and it is weird af! Why ppl. Why…and I stand there stunned like an idiot too I hope you got to respond lol. Bastards. I do hope you feel better! And you can talk to me any time I’ll def respond asap…I should have more time again very soonish. Hang in there girl. Xoxo

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    • It’s been pretty bad lately. I’m having serious trouble dealing with the death of someone I didn’t know but felt like I did. It is on my mind constantly. The people who refuse to see the problem, Social Media, and the ignorance. Plus the loss of a beautiful voice and brilliant lyricist hurts me physically when I think about it. When given the chance to make his death matter no one steps up to the plate. 70 % of people in the music industry have a mental health/addiction problem and no one says anything. Music is my way of speaking because I trouble talking myself. It’s been like that for as long as I can remember. Now that my sister isn’t talking to me, I just have my Dad and he doesn’t like to talk much. I am going to a Specialist the end of June to find out for sure if my medications are not working or building up in my system because of my Kidney Failure. At least I’ll know where to go from there!

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    • I actually understand all that on like a biological
      Lvl or something bc yeah…music is everything. I post songs and lyrics so much for the same reason. I think that’s one reason it even exists to be honest. Hmm…would you mind sending me an email at earthtobella22@gmail? I think I’ve got something for ya lol nothing creepy but just say “yo” or something. Didn’t wanna ask for your email in the open so I sacrifice my own haha. Worth it.
      It really seems like most ppl don’t care about ANYthing but then you see them freak the fuck out about a Kardashian with a cig on social media so they care, they’re just confused or distracted or something. The media would like ppl to think that if they don’t have any head issues, they’re normal and everyone else simply is not and therefore they should ignore them or fear them preferably both. Problem is most ppl do have mental “problems” but don’t realize they mass label ppl with the same hang ups they have themselves.
      But mostly it has to do with the government. I saw a documentary (I think it was actually about DMT) that showed the history of mental health science here and I cried literal tears Bc it seems there was a moment when we as a country noticed mental health was in some ways diff than physical and that we have an option to explore it. The gov is in charge of that exploration tho. They chose not to. And I bawled like a baby Bc how can you see ppl suffer without at least trying to help. Do they not think of the future or the fact that they might need this same science themselves one day? Apparently not. Imo that alone makes them dumbasses and people like us no longer a thing that anyone needs to talk about. If you’re not interested in finding reasons/help for a supposed problem, then you forfeit the right to say it is one . No one can say to you that your kidney problems aren’t real Bc someone took the time to develop the science that made it possible to even know your kidneys are there let alone all the other work to learn how to say when they do or do not work correctly, how to test for that and how to help. They won’t take that kind of time with your head. Why? Is it not on the same body? lol. We as humans need to do better with mental health starting with the fact that we all need it. It you have a mind, anyway. A beautiful stray dog just walked up to the door and I lost my train of thought lol but this is long enough for now 😜lol xoxo
      I care btw. That’s a start xo

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    • I’ll send you an e-mail. I would be distracted by any animal in my line of sight. lol It will be from yahoo and say Mary Smith because I let a moron set it up for me when e-mail was first invented!


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