THE PROBLEM WITH “FALL TO PIECES” (Calling Bullshit as I See It )

I love the song “Fall to Pieces” by Velvet Revolver but it’s unpleasant for me to watch to watch the video for the song. When I see an emaciated Scott Weiland “pretending” to struggle with his demons while listening to the lyrics it’s infuriating. At one point you see two girls in a bathroom at a show and Scott Weiland alone in a room with what appears to be filled with alcohol and drug paraphernalia. There’s a rush to see which room has a suspected overdose. Duff Mckagan reaches Weiland’s room and finds him on the floor, he picks him up and drags him up some stairs to a room. They argue, Duff pushes Weiland against the wall, they both slide down it while Duff holds Scott in his arms understanding the pain he’s in. Too bad that didn’t happen in real life.

Scott Weiland has admitted on several occasions that he has either a “mood disorder” or “Bipolar Disorder” that he wouldn’t take medication for. Drugs didn’t kill Scott Weiland, Mental Illness did.

He used drugs and alcohol in the place of medication, it’s one of the reasons he couldn’t maintain Sobriety. The pressure to remain “creative” and tour doesn’t help. Everyone else in Velvet Revolver had addiction problems also, some of them did a backslide during the time Scott Weiland was in the group. Scott did manage around 2 years of some sobriety until his brother died. Then everything was downhill from there.

You can’t look at the video and tell me you see a healthy person physically or mentally. The members of his band after Velvet Revolver knew he was off the rails and their guitarist had died from overdose 8 months before Scott Weiland’s death.

Maybe if Doctors or anyone had tried harder to deal with the Psychiatric aspect of his problem he might still be here along with many others. The first thing anyone sees is an ADDICT and not the cause of the addiction.


This year the focus of the conference is different and long overdue. Their main agenda is Sex, Drugs & Rock and Roll.

The frequent stories of musicians and artists who battle mental illness and addiction will be part of it. Also is there a connection between creative minds and serious mental health concerns?

Can you still create the same music or art while sober or in treatment for mental illness?

How the Entertainment Industry is playing a bigger role in helping fans with their own issues by taking away some of the stigma and being honest about their own struggles.

The biggest problems are still the Managers, Family, Labels or anyone depending the artist for money. Putting a person at risk of death so you can make a buck or live in a big house is something that disgusts me. Unfortunately I’ve seen it up close many times. I’m not sure it will end anytime soon.e51a54c1c8a5858454ba1426ad47e928



17 responses to “THE PROBLEM WITH “FALL TO PIECES” (Calling Bullshit as I See It )

    • Thank you! I become angry every single time I see we have lost another talented person to an overdose or suicide and no one mentions that the person struggled with mental illness for years. I understand that you can’t help someone who refuses help but you can stop enabling them and riding their coat tails.

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    • They do. My brother in law was in the business for many years. He started when he was 17 I saw what he went through, the people around him, and people I’ve met over the years. I’m still surprised at the percentage of Musicians with mental health problems. The research showed 70%! That’s why they’re doing the conference.

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    • I have some friends here in Maine that have been underground for years. They’ve always said too often it’s sometimes more about how you know. It’s not the first band I hung out with, but it’s the last one. Nick changed the world for me. He wouldn’t leave his world and he wouldn’t make me leave mine. It took me years later to understand that is what real love is: to let someone have the wings their born with and to allow them to fly the way they’re meant to. It just sucks it took someone caging me to understand that. But anyway, I ramble. 😉 Nostalgia hits you like that in funny ways, doesn’t it?

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    • I am accused of living in the past often. I had some of my best/worst times then. Now there are no “best” times, everything is just like a constant buzzing of semi normal. My brother in law and twin sister are made for each other. They saved each other’s lives. For that I’ll always be grateful to him. It doesn’t mean I have to like him though. lol Hope your day is going well. I forgot to tell that I took a test recently for Bipolar, Borderline, ADD, and other “Disorders”. Surprisingly the result came back 100% likely for Asperger Syndrome, 82% for Bipolar! Pretty sure the test is flawed?? Now I’m confused.

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    • I’ve repeatedly score high for possible Autism. I don’t question but my family does BUT I have a son with Autism already. I have another son with Bipolar. Just this spring they found genetic crossover between Bipolar, Autism, and Schizophrenia. We’ve known a long time now about the crossover between Bipolar and Schizophrenia but these findings with Autism explains a lot to me. My boys and I have so much going on with sensory issues it’s a joke. My mom too and she’s only diagnosed with major depression. I don’t question my Bipolar diagnosis either. I just think there is a possibility I’m both given the fact I’ve passed both on to my children. I didn’t come from thin air.

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    • I agree. There hasn’t been any Autism diagnoses in my family. I know people with Asperger Syndrome and I’m pretty sure I don’t fit the criteria. I am introverted. It was an online test so I shouldn’t put much into it I don’t think?

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    • Oh I see, I thought you were talking clinical tests. I have been screened at the same time my son was back when he was 1.5yr old but those people dismissed it due to me being highly verbal BUT Bipolar and pressured speech… I would think skews that for me.

      So yeah, if it’s just online tests that you took, I wouldn’t give it a lot of weight. My family- we have too much of both running in it for any of us to be ignoring that. So for us it’s usually a question of functioning rather than do you have it.

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    • Sorry! Bipolar is a definite and so is the Conversion Disorder but I did see something recently that made me think. I try to never make eye contact, I can’t be around loud noises or bright lights, and do not make friends easily so I was curious.


    • With the genetic crossover I think it’s possible to have some of the symptoms without having the full blown condition if that makes sense.

      But do I think it’s possible for you to have both? Yes, given the current research.

      Does it matter? Only if you feel it’s causing you problems. Then you should seek professional opinion and find out what kind of supports you can get put in place.

      Given your current situation, it probably wouldn’t hurt. However, the problem is the diagnostic process is still biased towards males and trying to get diagnosed as an adult is challenging. It’s more of a pain in the ass than it is for getting a diagnosis for Bipolar.

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    • I hear you. It’s why I was reluctant to pursue the PTSD diagnosis but my sister kept insisting. If my triggers didn’t almost always result in a violent reaction I don’t think I would have. I haven’t bothered with the Autism one. I figured since I have a son diagnosed with it I can apply to myself anything I learn for him.

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    • Conversion Disorder is similar to PTSD and my symptoms are similar to what the Asperger test showed. I just have no memory of what the cause is so it shows up in physical ways. I startle easily, lights and loud noises scare me, I will tremor and begin to stutter when I hear a man with an angry deep voice or if I feel trapped in a situation or stressed. None of it is fun.

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