I deactivated Twitter. I am not someone who can handle that type of Social Media where I can twist everything around as rejection. So I said goodbye to my 3 followers. lol I never understood the numbers anyway. I had over 2,000 Impressions for the last 28 days but I have no idea what that means. I’m happier without it.

Now my next problem. Whenever I am restless and depressed I usually change the color of my hair. The problem is I can’t decide what color I want to be.

Cherry Coke is pretty, Rose Gold is pretty but I might be too old. Can I pull of a Mocha Brown? Do I want to be Blond again? No one ever complimented my hair when it was Blond. Most people don’t obsess about these things. I do. All the time.


6 responses to “DEACTIVATED

  1. I used to dye my hair black all the time back when I waited on tables. Some reason people took me more seriously and tipped me better than they did with my natural dirty blonde hair.

    Now I’m older with 3 boys. As luck would have it, pregnancy made my hair darker. The last time I tried dying it, I went for red that ended up coming out this weird orange. *sigh*

    Seriously hair color should not have that much power over a woman. It sucks.

    My sister on the other hands enjoys sporting bright pink. I could never be so brave.

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    • Your hair naturally pulls orange or copper tones so you would have to put a Neutral in there like a 6N to achieve the red. It’s worse because I’m a licensed Hair Stylist and can go to the ware house stores to buy salon color and products. It’s like Christmas!! I’m too old for bright Pink but I do love the Rose Gold I’ve been seeing.

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    • I have a cousin that does hair and told me the same thing saying I need to aim for red dye that had blue tones in it in order for it to work with my hair and skin tone. This is why the natural blue black dye worked so well without washing me out. I had no idea, just got lucky with that one.

      If the Rose Gold makes you happy then I say go for it. Some day I think I will shock the world and try to find a Hulk green just because. I have never done a color that wasn’t a natural color so I think a tribute to the Hulk would be funny as hell.

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    • I could never do Hulk green. I would probably be arrested. I’ve been compared to him in the past. lol I have extremely light skin, sickly some would say due to Celiac because I’m anemic no matter what and never have Vitamin D so I’m a lovely chalky white with dark circles under my eyes. I go through a LOT OF cans of self tanner.

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    • I get called the Hulk over here too and I’m a fan. It’s why I brought him up, it’s just I’m tiny so people think it’s funny. *scowl* Well until I get mad for real, then I’m scary. Like, dude don’t kick the hornet’s nest. I’m pale but for other reasons. I just let myself glow in the dark. I’m that cheap and lazy.

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  2. I’ve been discovering a fear of rejection that I thought I never had. Yay for more treatment revelations lol. What about purple? You’d look good with any color I’m sure

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