Broken Ties

Best Friends, The Toxic Twins, Inseparable, No Secrets Kept

Thirty Years of Laughter and Tears That Turned Into Nothing

The Role of Overseer Got Too Much

I Didn’t Know Your Level Of Disgust

I Didn’t Know Mine For You For Everyone

For Keeping Silent, Eyes Turned

Now Shunned, Exiled I’m Broken

You Could Have Told Me How You Felt

But That Isn’t You Keeping Everything Bottled Up

Are You Happy Now?

Without This Albatross Across Your neck?

I Protected You Or Don’t You Remember?

Isolation, Regret, Shame, Guilt

Did You Ever Really Care Or Was I Just The Jester

To Be Let Go When I Didn’t Want To Play30138000-1243997657

Ignorance Is Bliss Until It Isn’t

You Aim To Be The Ostrich Burying Her Head

I Long To Be The Phoenix Rising From Ashes

To Begin Again


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