Am I Sick?

Today I feel so sick I couldn’t lift my head until about an hour ago when I started vomiting. Sometimes I don’t know if I’m really sick or not. With everything going on it’s hard to pin point a cause.

The other day I ate GF Oatmeal and Cherios which are supposed to be gluten free. I have not felt good since. I also went back to 2% milk instead of lactose free because it’s too expensive. My feet and calves have been swollen and I’ve had a small fever and headache with a stiff neck. I can’t move. It’s like walking through wet cement. I hate throwing up. It reminds me of my drinking days.

My mother was sick all the time. It got to the point where no one showed any kindness or sympathy. I’m at that point now. How I regret my treatment of her. Now I know what it’s like. Laying on the couch afraid to move my head because I know what will happen. My dad coming in and yelling at me for being on the couch all day until I roll over and vomit. Then I have to clean it up even though my head is pounding. My sister shut her phone off as usual. The puppy peed in my bed last night. I’ve pretty much had it. The screen is hurting my eyes. If it continues I’ll go to the ER maybe. I’m just too tired.


4 responses to “Am I Sick?

  1. General Mills recalled some of their gluten free Cheerios which weren’t GF due to a contamination of their flour blend — I don’t have the link now as I’m on mobile, but it’s online on the General Mills blog.

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    • I know and these were bought after. I believe I am one of those people that can’t have GF Oats, milk or corn. I seem to get sick every time and so does my twin sister who also has Celiac. We never do anything half way in my family. lol


    • I’m sorry to hear. I have a wheat allergy and also a mild allergy to oats and corn (heavy on milk) so when I eat anything with them I feel like I’m dying. But I know it’s far more serious with Celiac. I swear that even food wants to be a bitch for us.

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    • My Celiac stays active no matter what I do. Same with my twin. I can eat GF Betty Crocker Cakes and Rice Chex without getting sick. Funny enough I lose weight. Not the healthiest diet but at least I’m out of the bathroom!


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