Butterfly’s Children

You patronize my suffering

I resent your clever scrutiny

You’re a master intimidator

I’m a virtuoso of misery

Your doubt is a punishment

My desperation is your prize

You belittle my brutal illness

I envy your joyful lie

You and I  Me and You  Born Together

Both loved equally from the start

Becoming the outcast, empty, abandoned

You the favorite, loved, and embraced

Years gone by it still rages on

It’s time for sorrows to be lifted

And fear turned to forgiveness

So we can find our beautiful butterfly

Laughing, talking, her children again


About darie73

I'm a daughter, a sister, and an Aunt. I've worked in the Hair Industry, Jewelry Manufacturing, and Retail Management. I'm also an Alcoholic, diagnosed Bipolar, Conversion Disorder, Anxiety, Celiac Disease, and other health issues. I talk about all of these things as honestly as I can. The stigma, medications, doctors, family problems, support or lack of support. I advocate for people like me, animals, and anyone else who feels like they don't have a voice. These are my opinions, I just ask that readers be respectful. Haven't we all been kicked enough when we are down? It's time to change that. View all posts by darie73

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